Serving Where It’s Needed Most

CND prides itself on being responsive to community needs, serving the inner city, and collaborating with schools in economically distressed neighborhoods in order to achieve its purposes.  Our students are average to below average academically and live in poor neighborhoods where alcohol, other drugs, and violence surround them.  They have limited access to community resources or alternatives to street life. Consider our after-school program as an example of our impact: when160 kids receive supervised, educational programming after school, complete with a hot meal, it improves our community because these children are not going home hungry to empty houses, or getting involved in gangs or drugs.


CND’s Adult Outpatient Program reaches adults ages 18 and over in the target zip codes of the Near East Side of Columbus. In comparison to other Franklin County residents, persons living in this targeted area have fewer high school graduates (22.8%), higher incidences of incarceration (10.8 per 1000 adults v. 3 per 1000 adults county wide), high unemployment (28.4%),  higher infant mortality rates (16 per 1000 live births v. 8.4 county wide). The poverty rate for this area is 58%. (PACT Report 2016; and Celebrate One 2016). Essential community resources such as supermarkets and pharmacies are not conveniently located and accessible. For years, residents have complained that they have difficulty accessing convenient (accessible) treatment due to a lack of sufficient treatment programs in the area requiring placement on long wait lists.