Serving Those Who Need it Most

CND is primarily focused on serving the needs of urban Black, Hispanic and white Appalachian youth and young adults dealing with the effects of poverty and the serious drug, alcohol and violence problems faced in Franklin County. Most of our students live in single, female-headed households, with little positive male interaction or positive mentors. Our primary purpose is to prevent the use of alcohol, tobacco and other drugs, as well as violence (ATOD-V) in youth served by our programs.

An example of our innovative approach is our FOCUS and College Tour programs. Students involved in these programs may be the first person in their family to even consider attending college.  CND programs help these students see themselves on campus and envision the completion of college. By providing mentors, roles models college tours and professional work experiences, CND increases protective factors for these students and increases the likelihood that they will pursue a college education, helping to break the cycle of poverty.